Chain of Positivity

Watch the chain grow!
One compliment = .3 kilometers. Get your family, mates, your workplace, your sports team, your school or your organisation to add their links and join our movement.
Help us spread positivity from the birthplace of Project Positive in Christchurch all the way up the mighty South Island, across the Cook Strait to where decisions are made in Wellington.
Let’s celebrate the power of an idea and encourage our MPs to support our youth in changing the culture online and being a part of decision making.

0.3 km

Project Positive is a student led movement to make life, online and off, more positive.
Every one of us, young and old, plays a part in creating a positive environment for ourselves and others.
Like links in a chain, the part we all play can be combined with others to make more of an impact.
We all play a part in making life online (and off) positive. Like links in a chain, we are all connected, what we do and say impacts others. Each link plays a part in how strong the chain is.
Project Positive is about being a part of the movement that stands up and says ‘Hey you, You’re Awesome’ to be a bright light amongst all the haters.A genuine compliment can brighten someone’s day, it can help us to appreciate others and be grateful for what we have.
In New Zealand we don’t tend to give many compliments but you never know when the smallest thing can make the biggest difference.


Chain of Positivity is part of Project Positive. A chance to engage people in joining us in recognising the part we all play and the impact our words and actions have on others.
Project Positive is the creation of Tip Varnakomala, who at 17 and living in Christchurch decided that there had to be a way to promote positivity and encourage people to recognise the part they play in life online.
Fast forward to 2016 and with support from Google and Sticks ‘n Stones, we are taking Tip’s idea NZ wide.

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